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Red Lilly
Fine art nude and fetish model
Oh dear, I mist be bored!!

You are .jpg You are very colorful.  Sometimes you forget things, or distort the truth.  You like working with pictures more than words.
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I have managed to get my act together and after a brief trip home, and access to a PC, I have given redlilly.com a face lift and severe prune!! Dear Mr Dave Davies has just kindly told me that it is uploaded.

And YES I know it has only got about 4 pictures on there - you will just have to be patient and wait for new photos!! BEsides less is more apparently!!

Red Lilly

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Went to see "swish swish swish" The Legend of Zorro last night!


My buckles have well and truly be swashed!!

Tornado was of course the best bit!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

They painted his nose black!!


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Can anyone tell me the name of the hippy shop in Green Street that is opposite Eaden Lilly Photography?

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Stephane LordCollapse )

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I am looking for a furniture shop in or near Cambridge which is eco friendly, fair trade and all things good!

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Coast lineCollapse )

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Who knows their sea fish??

I found one washed up on the south coast of Cornwall and haven't found what it is called online. It was about the size of a dinner plate, hard and firm (not flopy or bendy), grey and blue (like a dolphin colour)and had two pointy fins top and bottom like a shark, with little round fins on the side of its face. It had an eye both sides of its face, not like a Plaice with two eyes on one side.


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Well Costa del Cornwall was most fun...will post pictures soon!


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